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20 years competence in silane technology

We at STAUF are convinced that the importance of SMP and SPU adhesives will continue to grow in the coming years. On the basis of the 20-year success story of these two technologies in our company, we now take the opportunity to look more closely at them. To this end, we will first look back to the origins before focusing on the latest silane developments at STAUF.

Occupational safety as the central theme

The technical guidelines for hazardous materials 610 (TRGS 610) describes substitute substances for solvent-based primers and adhesives used in flooring for buildings. The goal was and is to protect workers when handling hazardous substances as much as possible. Between 60 and 90 per cent of the solvent in adhesive is volatile and emitted to the environment, i.e. it poses a health concern. Until 1994 though, solvent adhesives were still the dominant type of adhesive on the market. As an alternative, two-component PU and epoxy resin adhesives were being developed for the industry, but these did not offer fully acceptable substitutes for solvents. The development of so-called SMP technology and the production of elastic 1-component polyurethane adhesives in the year 2000 offered a decisive advance, especially in regard to occupational safety: both technologies launched at approximately the same time.

STAUF as a pioneer

20 years ago, STAUF launched an adhesive technology in the industry that has fundamentally remained unchanged to this day. However, the individual mechanics of the silane-based SMP and SPU adhesives are very different. The parquet adhesive STAUF MULTILAYER for example has an elastic mechanism, is friendly to the subfloor and is suitable for all types of multi-layer parquet. STAUF SMP 930, SMP 950 and SPU
555 have well-balanced hard elastic mechanical properties, culminating in products such as STAUF SPU 460 and SPU 570. Due to the well-balanced mechanism, the subfloor is sensibly protected, the parquet does not tear off with the subfloor and the risk of dimensional changes is reduced – an indispensable product characteristic particularly for bonding solid wood floorboards. As a rule, no primer is needed. Floor installers can dispense with a primer when subfloors are principally suitable for wood flooring and ready for covering, e.g. mineral subfloors such as cement and calcium sulphate screeds or particle boards. If the residual moisture is too high, STAUF SMP 950 or SPU 570 can also be used as a primer and adhesive in one. Thus only one work step is needed instead of three.

STAUF SMP 950, SPU 460 and SPU 570, in particular, are milestones in the 20-year STAUF SMP/SPU success story. All three are patented in terms of strength and/or mostly require no plasticising substances (and are therefore highly shear resistant), and do not interact with plasticiser-sensitive subfloors such as mastic asphalt.

Low-emission, ready for use, water-free

All STAUF SMP and SPU adhesives are classified as very low emission (EC 1Plus) according to the GEV seal. The ready-to-use, one-component products are water-free and therefore also suitable for wood types that are sensitive to swelling. The partly good to very good initial adhesion of the adhesives is an advantage, especially for installation patterns that require a laying strip. STAUF SMP 950 has the best adhesion behaviour to a wide range of building materials and is ideal for bonding RE and WE-type wood block flooring due to its well-balanced mechanical properties. All types of adhesive are also characterised by a high level of durability and a long life.

The 'silane success story' has also impacted parquet bonding: the first silane parquet adhesive, at that time STAUF SMP 960, was launched on the market almost 20 years ago, and within a very short
period managed to transform both the field of parquet adhesives at STAUF and parquet bonding in general. With silane adhesives from STAUF, many millions of square metres of parquet have been installed reliably and damage-free – and there is no end in sight.



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