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Adhesive technology since 1828

STAUF adhesive technology was born in 1828 when company founder Eberhard Stauf opened a glue factory next to his tannery in Siegen. The company made its breakthrough on the market at the end of the Second World War. That was when Dr. Werner Stauf developed the first synthetic adhesive, laying the foundation for the success of today’s STAUF Klebstoffwerk in the construction industry.

Removal to Wilnsdorf

The far-sighted thinking of the family owned company has characterised its history through generations of new ideas and clever innovations. As time went by, its production methods became correspondingly more complex and its location in Siegen became increasingly crowded. As the new millennium began, there was no longer enough space and in 2002 a new chapter in the company’s history began: STAUF moved the company headquarters from Siegen to Wilnsdorf.

Today, our company is one of the most successful specialists for construction chemical products on the market. Our components are developed to be perfectly matched to each other and guarantee our customer safe footing on firm ground around the world. We are dedicated to the development of  adhesive technology that creates confidence through its high quality and durable products which fulfil what they promise. A whole lifetime.

For every need, the best solution

We offer solutions for every need – from primers to surface finishing. Whether you want to prime or refurbish a substrate or bond or repair a floor covering, we provide products of the highest quality. Durable, long-lasting and easy to use.

When it comes to floor covering adhesives, we have you covered with a choice of various systems, universal and repair adhesives, adhesives for luxury vinyl and rubber flooring and wood floorings of all kinds. Because only such a broad range of primer, levelling compounds and adhesives can match the spectrum of available flooring and substrates.

Mounting adhesives and a broad range of accessories complete our product portfolio. We also offer our customers appropriate accessories to help them get the best results.

Individual formulas for special requirements

The requirements of our customers are always in the foreground for us. If none of our existing system solutions meet these requirements, we can create an individual product combination in our laboratory. We are always curious and looking for new solutions to your challenges. Just as our pioneer and visionary Dr. Werner Stauf said:

“A good company that wants to achieve long-term success must remain young, dynamic and flexible and develop new, creative ideas every day.”

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