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One for all - The STAUF system for all types of flooring

STAUF’s “One For All” system comprises a number of very low-emission products – from STAUF D54 right through to STAUF XP10 and STAUF D20 – which are designed to be used together and meet all the requirements for creating healthy homes and are suitable for all common textile and elastic floor coverings.

The demands made on elastic and textile floor coverings today are very high. They not only have to cope with office chairs being moved around, but also the permanent pressure of heavy pieces of furniture and high levels of foot traffic.  Selecting the right kind of flooring hence also depends on the purpose of the room concerned. STAUF primers, levelling compounds and adhesives have been specially formulated to meet a range of requirements and so have the corresponding specialist features . This ensures that STAUF’s flooring installation materials will always create a firm bond within the system with the coverings being laid. They are also easy to use, cost-efficient and durable.

STAUF D20 is a safe choice for all common textile and elastic floor coverings, perfect for use in a non-toxic or low-toxic building and at the same time very strong. It has a very high initial tack, thanks to which it will keep any floor covering securely in its place right from the word go. Its long open time means that there is plenty of scope for flexibility while the covering is being laid. In addition, thanks to its excellent wetting properties, it allows permanent bonding of rubber and linoleum flooring. As a universal adhesive, is also suitable for full-surface bonding of LVT design floorings, and PVC and textile floor coverings such as needle fleece carpets and sports flooring for indoor tennis courts.

STAUF XP10 is a cement-based self-levelling compound for smoothing, filling and levelling floor surfaces prior to the installation of floor coverings and multi-layer wood flooring. It can be used to create layers of up to 10mm thick. STAUF XP10 has excellent flow properties, is very easy to grind as well as very strong, which makes it suitable for use in both residential and commercial properties.

STAUF D54 is a STAUF “classic” and the most popular and versatile primer of all. It performs extremely well as both an adhesive and primer concentrate, of which a little goes a very long way and will cover large internal floor, wall and ceiling areas. STAUF D54 is perfect for creating a dust-free surface with even absorbency on top of highly absorbent subfloors, or can be used as a high-performance bonding course on sealed subfloors.

It goes without saying that all three of these products meet the requirements of the best possible EMICODE® emission class, EC1plus, and have been certified as very low-emission.

STAUF's motto of “ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE” is its promise of offering its customers an effective range of products designed to work with each other as part of a system that addresses all of the stages involved in creating and installing high-quality flooring.

One for all - The STAUF system for all types of flooring
One for all - The STAUF system for all types of flooring
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