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Dispersion adhesives

Dispersion adhesives

Dispersions contain polymers which are finely distributed in water. These are the binding agent in adhesives with this name. Dispersion adhesives obtain a hardness similar to 2K polyurethane wood flooring adhesive. The hardness, however, is only reached after the water from the adhesive has been absorbed by the material or the air. Dispersion adhesives thus need a good absorbent surface. During the curing process, the synthetic resin particles bond together to form an adhesive film. The water contained in the adhesive makes wood flooring swell (especially pressure-sensitive woods like beech, maple and ash). Dispersion adhesives also only have a limited ability to form bridges over hollow spaces. They are only recommended for bonding dimensionally stable and small format wood flooring. However, in terms of installer and consumer safety, they are model adhesives because they are solvent and hazard free.

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