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STAUF notched trowels

General info on applying adhesives with notched trowels

Various types of notching can be used when applying adhesive to substrates. They are distinguished by:

  • the amount of adhesive applied
  • the depth and spacing between the notches

Both factors are relevant for applying the material safely, securely and permanently. Our adhesive recommendations are only applicable when using our own specially developed trowel notches. You can find the description and application uses of the various notched trowels in the following table.


Three dimensions are used to describe the shape of a trowel notch:

  • notch depth (a)
  • notch width (b)
  • width of the tooth (c)
  • STAUF Zahnspachtel Notched trowel no. 1 (TKB A2) Bonding flexible and textile floor coverings a = 1.4 mm b = 1.7 mm c = 1.3 mm
  • STAUF Zahnspachtel Notched trowel no. 2 (TKB B1) Bonding textile floor coverings and linoleum a = 2.0 mm b = 2.4 mm c = 2.6 mm
  • STAUF Zahnspachtel Notched trowel no. 3 (TKB B7) Bonding mosaic wood flooring and pre-made mosaic flooring a = 3,9 mm b = 3.6 mm c = 4.4 mm
  • STAUF Zahnspachtel Notched trowel no. 4 (TKB B15) Bonding cobblestone wood flooring, high-edged wood flooring, strip wood flooring and floorboards a = 6.3 mm b = 5.6 mm c = 6.9 mm
  • STAUF Zahnspachtel Notched trowel no. 5 (TKB B9) Bonding ready-to-lay wood flooring, floorboards and lamparquet a = 5.0 mm b = 6.1 mm c = 9.9 mm
  • STAUF Zahnspachtel Notched trowel no. 12 Bonding to residual moisture cement screed and concrete subfloors a = 5.15 mm b = 5.7 mm c = 14.3 mm
  • STAUF Zahnspachtel Notched trowel no. 14 For bonding large size floorboard elements and panel parquet a = 6.5 mm b = 6.33 mm c = 6.36 mm
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