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Mounting adhesives

Outstanding grip on stone, wood, cement and metal

Mounting adhesives needs high “green tack” in order to give even heavy workpieces a good hold right from the beginning. STAUF adhesives are extremely easy to apply, are economical and distinguish themselves through their excellent initial and final adhesion strengths.

Depending on the purpose, - whether the mounting adhesive is applied over large surfaces or only selected areas - STAUF mounting adhesive comes in a handy squeeze container, practical cartridges or for use as a repair kit.

Matched to the specific substrate

Like all STAUF applications, products for adhesion, fixation, repair and installing are coordinated to suit the various sub-floors and substrates. Specially modified functions in the individual adhesives guarantee outstanding adhesion on the most wide-ranging substrates: Even glass or mineral fibre boards, panels or PVC or wooden skirting boards can be reliably attached.

Products for bonding stone and masonry

In addition to individual solutions for wood, cement, metal and foam, STAUF has also developed products for adhering stone and masonry. These adhesives are characterised by strong, durable and elastic joints, temperature resistance and easy handling.

Giscode classified

STAUF mounting and repair adhesives are GISCODE classified: This voluntary classification system was agreed upon by product manufacturers and the German construction sector professional liability insurance organisation (GISBAU) and is an inherent part of occupational safety.

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