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STAUF develops sustainable adhesives

The adhesives specialist STAUF is currently working on three new developments. With one product each from the dispersion adhesives range, from the silane adhesives range and from the polyurethane adhesives range, the experts at STAUF are developing three adhesives that cover the most diverse areas of parquet installation, but all have two key properties: They have a significantly lower density and thus a much higher range than products previously available on the market. All three adhesives represent the TOP product in the STAUF portfolio with outstanding properties and application approvals.

Wider range, less weight

With these new developments, STAUF is making a further contribution to greater sustainability in construction chemicals, as they allow significantly more square meters of parquet to be installed per kilogram of adhesive. In addition, the low-density adhesives are significantly lighter than usual adhesives. The lower weight saves resources, has a favorable effect on transport costs and emissions, and above all is easy on the craftsman. The higher range of up to 35%, depending on the adhesive, ensures correspondingly lower consumption.

Strong research & development

With the new products in the field of sustainable parquet adhesives, STAUF once again proves its traditional strength in research and development. Since the company's foundation, i.e. since 1828, STAUF has repeatedly developed groundbreaking adhesive technologies that have revolutionized the sector.

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